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The AJKF was established on October 14, 1952 and it was authorized by the Ministering of Education as a judicial foundation on February 22, 1972.  The purpose of the establishment of AJKF is defined as ‘As an organization which exercises general control over and representing the amateur Kendo (including Iaido and Jodo) circles, AJKF strives for the promotion of Kendo, infiltrates the spirit of Kendo into the Japanese people and distributes to the improvement of national physique


  • To uplift and promote the spirit of Kendo
  • To research and guide the techniques
  • To hold seminars and to train leaders
  • To foster the local Kendo groups
  • To establish the regulations on matches and amateurism
  • To hold Shogo & Dan/Kyu examinations and issue the certificates
  • To transmit Ko-Budo to posterity and to collect the related materials
  • To publish monthly magazine and books


President:  Cho Fujio

Vice President: Matsunaga Masami, Fukumoto Shuji, Inagawa Yasuhiro

Executive Managing Director: Fukumoto Shuji

Managing Director: Okamoto Kiyoshi, Asano Naomichi, Ajiro Tadahiro, Sato Yukio, Kakehashi Masaharu, Okushima Yoshio, Kamoshida Keiichi, Takahashi Nakiri Fuminori, Nishikawa Yuzuru,  Makita Minoru, Miyake Kazushi

As of July 2013[1]

References Edit

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