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The International Kendo Federation was established in 1970. FIK is composed of National Kendo Federations, each of which exclusively represents the nation/region in Kendo.  At the time of establishment, 17 countries/regions were affiliated with FIK.  As of May 2015, 57 countries/regions are FIK affiliates. 

FIK is a non-political and friendly organization and its purpose is to propagate and develop Kendo, Iaido and Jodo internationally and to foster the mutual trust and friendship among the affiliates.

The headquarters of FIK is located in the office of All Japan Kendo Federation in Tokyo, Japan.[1]

Activities Edit

  • To provide various assistance in order to promote the organization of the National Kendo Federation in each nation.
  • To hold and assist seminars and workshops.
  • To establish the rules for international matches.
  • To provide standards (guidelines) for the Dan/Kyu examinations.
  • To exchange information on techniques, equipment, etc.
  • To undertake other activities necessary for achievement of the purposes set forth in the preceding articles.

Officials (2015-2018) Edit

Approved at the FIK Board of Directors Meeting and GA on May 28, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

  • President: Cho Fujio (Japan)
    • Vice President: Matsunaga Masami (Japan)
    • Vice President: Yoshiteru Tagawa (USA)
    • Vice President: Rhee Jong-Rim (Korea)
    • Vice President: Alain Ducarme (Belgium)
  • Secretary General: Sato Yukio (Japan)
    • Assistant Secretary General: Kurose Arinobu (Japan)
  • Auditor: Zsolt Vadadi (Hungary)
  • Auditor: Graham Sayar (New Zealand, new)
  • Directors (Japan): Miyasaka Masayuki, Masago Takeshi, Fukumoto Shuji , Kokaze Akira  

Council Nations and Directors (Asian Zone)

  • Korea: Shin Seung-Ho
  • Chinese Taipei: Huang Yu Po(Huo)

Council Nations and Directors (American Zone)

  • Canada: Christian D' Orangeville
  • Brazil: Elizabeth Akemi Kodoto
  • Hawaii: Kathleen Nekomoto

Council Nations and Directors (European Zone)

  • Italy: Gianfranko Moretti
  • Germany: Detlf  Viebranz
  • France: Jean-Pierre Soulas


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