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Within a 10x10 meter court, one must stab an opponent's torso or throat in the first with correct attitude. Strikes to the men and kote are also permitted.

Taiatari is allowed. Just as in Jukendo, a point will be valid if recognized by two out of the three judges, signified with the raising of the corresponding red or white shinpanki.

In the case of a sanbon-shobu it is better to score two points within the time limit. One can win by scoring one point if the time expires before the opponent can score one point. (It wins the game better to preempt one for the one in the case of game time limit.)

Depending on tournament rules, if a winner cannot be decided within the time limit, extra time may be permitted to determine the winner.

Valid Strikes

"Dō" when poked the body of the opponent "Nodo" when poked the throat of the other party "Men" when hit your opponent's face "Kote" of when you hit your opponent's forearm

Control boxing and jujitsu

It won the body while holding the arm of the person with a partner of the bamboo sword up and down, and then Da突.

Basic skills match (less than 4 grade)

Fourth grade following consideration of the development such as the body, without the equipment, with a match of basic skills.

How this is carried out is side by side with set of determined techniques. The three shinpan will decide the winner with their shinpanki based on overall excellence, and other factors such as posture and kiai.[1]

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