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There's a lot of awesome Kendo stuff out on there internet. Here, we’re building a collaborative online community for Kendo and Budo practitioners. We're also looking for help. We hope to create a multimedia hub for all the different Kendo resources out there, combining text and media together on the same platform. Currently all pages are under construction, so please feel free to contribute. Join us in bringing together Kendo from across the internet!

Disclaimer: Kendo is best taught to students by sensei. Though we hope to bring helpful information to those in search of it, we ask that you please respect the way of your dojo and/or club and that you not use this website as an excuse to deviate from the methods your sensei and/or senpai. Please be careful and practice well!

Kendo and Budo[]

There are a number of different Japanese martial arts that fall under the umbrerlla of Budo.  Kendo, Iaido, Naginata, KyudoJukendo, and Tankendo all fall under the category of armed budo.  

Latest activity[]

We're looking for media!  Photos and videos are a great way to contribute to this wiki. Help us by adding photos, galleries, and videos to all the pages!

The Butokuden at the Kyoto Budo Center

Armed Budo: Kendo, Iaido, Atarashii Naginata, Kyudo, Jukendo

Unarmed Budo: Judo, Sumo, Shorinji Kenpo